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Mother and her Baby enjoying their clean carpets.
Surface Solutions

Pressure Washing & Sealing

New Technology in Tile & Grout Cleaning
Wish you could find something that could really get your tile and Stone really clean? Well it’s here, with our new Hard Surface Spinner Technology! Time to stop using that old mop and bucket.

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    Tile Before
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    Tile After

Commercial Grade Sealer

Surfaces That Can Be Treated
Preparation & Sealing, Concrete, Side Walk, Driveways, Brick Pavers, Pool Decks, Natural Stone, ( Marble Granite ) Tile & Grout, Terrazzo, Limestone & Slate, Garage Floors, Brick, Retaining Walls, Patio Furniture, Store Front, Equipment Cleaning and Fences.

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    Sidewalk Before
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    Sidewalk After
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    Driveway Before
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    Driveway After

Eliminates Mold & Mildew, Repels Water & Oil, Abrasion Resistance, Will not Oxidize Or Corrode, Crystal Clear Finish, Freeze-Thaw Protection, Easy To Clean & Maintain.

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    Brick Pavers Before
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    Brick Pavers After

House Washing:
In Preparation for painting, selling or recolor coating your home with stucco, it is a good idea to have the outer walls pressure washed. Pressure washing can also help to reduce build up of fungus and insects.
Pressure washing uses water and environmentally safe chemicals and detergents which will not hurt plants or animals. Gum, mold, mildew, fungus, spider webs, tire marks, oil and grease stains can all be safely removed with pressure washing.